DJ Classes in Los Angeles

DJ COURSES (1 on 1 Private Classes)

We offer Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Accelerated and our “Learn to DJ in 1 Day” course.

We have found the quickest way to succeed is not in a group class setting.
For this reason, each course is ONLY taught 1 on 1. Your private dj lessons are taught directly with DJ Jnold.

Jnold has strategically constructed each course for you to feel confident in performing live whether it is at your next house party or professionally at the club or festival.  Don’t waste countless hours trying to learn from books, YouTube, online courses or non-working tier 1 DJ’s… get started in the right direction on Day 1 with his proven DJ courses.

Whether you are a college student, musician, professional, CEO, influencer or celebrity… DJ Jnold has helped all of these types of students achieve their DJ aspirations.

DJ Classes Los Angeles